Hi folks,

This post serves as a kick-off to lay down the upcoming plans for Wander, my webcomic.

Wander follows the story of titular character Wander, who wakes up in an unknown place, with no memories of who he is, or how he arrived in such a strange, new world.
Over the course of his journey to discover what happened to him and his companion, Algernon, Wander dives deeper into the mysterious world before him, making new friends and uncovering his lost memories through the guardians that protect this world.

I have had the story of Wander in the back of mind for years. I work in video games by day, a hugely collaborative effort that I'm honoured to be a part of. What I am most excited for about Wander is that this is my own story to own and develop fully. I am so excited to share the journey of Wander with all of you.

Of course, things are still early. I have a lot of work ahead of me - the development of a website, laying down the first chapter and a half for buffer, and figuring out many more challenges in telling Wander's story. I've laid down a lot of the ground work, and starting soon, I'll be in full production for Wander.
I want to share the journey of the development going into Wander's world and the story surrounding it.

Wander will always be a free-to-read, no-ads webcomic. I want to have this story as something everyone of all ages can experience. 
I will be having to balance my career with this passion project, and Ko-Fi's will help me make things a bit easier to cover, such as the cost of hosting the website and keeping me plenty caffeinated. 
Donators to my Ko-Fi will get additional bonuses for donations - such as exclusive peeks at pages and concept art for Wander, including first looks at Wander's friends, the places he explores, and panels from pages I'll be developing. Donators will also get codes for print sales, and downloads to certain concept pieces. 
There may be more down the road, but for now, the current plan is to only support the webcomic. 

My passion for stories, and how it carries us all in our day-to-day, has driven so much of my life. I want to help create those stories. It starts here.

I hope you all stick around for more of me and my little buddy, Wander. We're excited to share this journey with you all.